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International Idea Competition for
Large-scale Offshore Wind Turbine
Demonstration Monitoring House
Introduction to Research Institute
Organization chart
Hello, this is Kunsan University Institute of Offshore Wind Energy.
New and renewable energy development is in full swing around the world to preserve the global environment, especially the development of offshore wind power technology and the rapid expansion of the market size, but the domestic market size is very small and the original technology is insufficient compared to advanced countries.
In response, the Korea Marine Wind Power Research Institute, organized by the National Gunsan University, is currently carrying out a national project with the aim of demonstrating the operation of large offshore wind turbines by establishing infrastructure facilities along with the development of demonstration technology for each element of large offshore wind turbines larger than 5MW.
For this purpose, we would like to invite experts who are interested in island construction in advance to install 5MW demonstration offshore wind farms on the northern coast of Madori, Okdo-myeon, Gunsan-si, and to build monitoring houses to monitor the generators.
We need your participation.
Thank you.

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