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International Idea Competition for
Large-scale Offshore Wind Turbine
Demonstration Monitoring House
Contents of public offering
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Results and awards
|Competition Title
International idea competition for the design of monitoring house of a large-scale offshore wind turbine test
The international idea competition is aimed at establishing an integrated monitoring center that will perform comprehensive monitoring functions and roles; provide educational and promotional programs on offshore wind power generation; support coexistence with local residents by regenerating Maldo island; and become a new attraction of Gunsan with improved landscape and opportunities for visitors to learn about offshore wind power and Gogunsan islands.
|Qualification for Participation
1) Any individuals or groups from home and abroad
2) Entry by an individual or a group (with 1 PIN) is limited to one idea only (Joint entry not allowed)
Classification No. of Awardee Details
Grand Prize 1 $15,000(USD)
Top prize 2 $4,000(USD)
Excellence award Many Certificate of award
1) Competition opening announcement : November 18 (Wed), 2020
2) Field briefing : No separate briefing to be given. Refer to the guidelines.
3) Q&A : December 07 (Mon), 2020 - March 11 (Thu), 2021
   ※ Submit the inquiry on the website (http://www.offshorewind.kr)
        FAX number : +82-63-251-6048
4) Idea submission : March 08 (Mon), 2021 ~ March 13 (Sat), 2021
5) Results announcement : March 26 (Fri), 2021
|Accepted Languages & Units
1) Korean, English / SI System (metric system)
2) Submitted materials and inquiries shall be in Korean or English (or both). When there are conflicting interpretations between the two languages, Korean shall be given priority.
|Inquiry Submission & Answers
1) Submission : December 07 (Mon.), 2020 - March 11 (Thu.), 2021
2) Inquiries can be made on the website according to the prescribed procedures. No inquiries shall be made via an e-mail or phone calls.
3) Only inquiries submitted in Korean or English following the prescribed procedures shall be deemed valid and one can make multiple inquiries.
4) Answers to the inquiries will be provided on the website in Korean or English and can be seen by all applicants.
5) Any change in the schedules shall be announced on the website.
6) Answers for the inquiries shall be considered an addition to or revision of the competition rules and guidelines.
|Idea Submission
The idea (design plan) shall be submitted on the website using a pdf format only. (Face-to-face submission not allowed)
|Award Ceremony & Announcement
1) Date : There will be no award ceremony. The awardees will be announced on the website within fourteen days after the end of submission period.
2) Award certificates and prize money shall be individually granted.
1) Online submission
Applicants shall submit the work on the website(http://www.offshorewind.kr)
· Online submission: 09:00, Mar. 08 (Mon.), 2021 ~ 17:00, Mar. 13 (Sat.), 2021 (Korea Standard Time)
· For submission: Login → Maldo project→ Enter required information and upload all files in the given storage
· Data files for the design plan shall be submitted without compression.
· Files shall be in a PDF format (high quality print).
· Name of the file shall be “PIN Number_Document Name”
2) Notes
· Check all information including public announcement and notes on the website before submitting the plan.
· The application is completed when all related documents including the “International Idea Competition Entry Form” (Form 1) are submitted online.
· Each applicant can submit one work only.
· Applicants can check the website to see if the submission is completed.
3) Principle of anonymity
The principle of keeping anonymity of submitted documents shall be adhered throughout the entire period of the design competition (until the moment of award announcement) with following measures.
· All submitted documents shall have the PIN number only, which is automatically granted by computer upon membership subscription.
· All submitted documents shall not have any symbol, mark or secret code that can reveal or help recognize the identity of the applicant.
4) PIN number on all documents
· All submitted works shall remain anonymous until the final results are out. To that end, applicants shall mark all submitted documents the PIN number (one alphabet letter and three or four Arabic numerals) granted on the website upon participation registration. The PIN number is used from participation registration throughout the deadline and cannot be changed.
|Organizing Institution
Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation at Kunsan National University
|Attached data

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